Monday, 17 April 2017

What is council communism and is it still relevant today?

Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meeting

7pm on Tuesday 25th April 2017
102 Regent Road, Leicester LE1 7DA  

Council communism was an influential, historic left-communist current which developed mostly in Germany (where it became a significant force within the working class movement) and the Netherlands, with notable theorists and supporters such as Anton Pannekoek, Herman Gorter, Otto Rühle, Sylvia Pankhurst, Paul Mattick and Reichstag fire starter, Marinus van der Lubbe. Lenin dismissed it as an “infantile disorder” but council communist ideas have since influenced a range of more libertarian left-marxists as well as non-marxist groups such as the Anarchist Federation. So what is it exactly and what can we learn from it today?

This meeting is organised by Leicester group of the Anarchist Federation

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