Thursday, 31 October 2013

Axe the Bedroom Tax

Anti-eviction army - practice run!

Leicester AF is pleased to publicise the following event which aims to organise in readiness for potential Bedroom Tax eviction attempts:
Protest at threatened Bedroom Tax evictionsTuesday 5th November
Meet 11amOutside the BRITE CENTREBraunstone Avenue LE3 
Thousands of people in Leicestershire are under threat of eviction because they are struggling to pay their rent as a result of housing benefit cuts.  We want to peacefully resist any attempt at eviction by blockading threatened homes. 
This action is a practice run.  We are not yet aware of impending evictions locally due to the Bedroom Tax, but we are still appealing for people to come along in solidarity. 
Call the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation on 0773 797 8057
Event co-organised by Leicestershire Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation & Unite Community Leicestershire.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Anarchist Bookfair, Saturday 19th October

anarchist bookfair 2013 poster10am - 7pm, Queen Mary University

Mile End Road

London E1 4NS

The London Anarchist Bookfair has now been going for 30 years!  

With loads of stalls and tons of meetings, make sure you get yourself down to London for the UK anarchist scene's big annual shindig.

Here are some of the meetings being organised by the Anarchist Federation (or related).

  • At 11.00am in room 320: the International of Anarchist Federations is hosting 'Spreading Organised Anarchism'.  Much of the focus will be on the Mediterranean and one of the speakers will be an Egyptian anarchist delegate.
  • At 1pm in room 241: Anarchist Federation meeting on The Idea of The Commune, the Idea of Organisation. Why we need to resurrect the idea of the Commune as an inclusive model for the WHOLE working class.
  • At 3pm in room 326: Anarchist Federation meeting on Solidarity Networks, How and Why. 
  • At 4pm in room 326: meeting hosted by the Anarchist Federation to discuss launching an Annual Anarcha-Feminist Conference. We urge anyone serious about feminism within the anarchist movement to attend.
  • At 5pm room G07: Anarchist Federation meeting, Sexual Consent Workshop. 

For copies of the Bookfair pdf flyer, click HERE.

For more info, directions and the full programme of events, visit the Anarchist Bookfair's website.