Sunday, 5 February 2012

Standing against the EDL

Well done to those who were out there in the freezing cold yesterday.  For a spot on account of the 4th Feb anti-EDL activities in Leicester, check out the website of our comrades in LEICESTERSHIRE SOLIDARITY GROUP (in which the AF gets a mention). 

One thing we will add to LSG's text is this: their point about building working class unity is crucial.  If we don’t build a real working class unity and a genuine culture of resistance, then things will only continue to deteriorate for working class people as government gets increasingly stronger and the capitalists can laugh all the way to the bank even more.  Any anti-fascism that is without a real class awareness will always end up rubbing shoulders with the Ross Willmotts and Peter Soulsbys of the world, hob-nobbing with community and religious leaders imposed from above, reformist politicians, apologists for the bosses, the soft cops and the hard cops, the willing agents of bourgeois democracy, each and every one them enemies of our class.  That kind of anti-fascism will always be worthless, given that the crimes of liberal or bourgeois democracy are a million times worse than the sad antics of a bunch of EDL or BNP losers.

Meanwhile, for those on the left, particularly the SWP-UAF, they may possibly have heard that Karl Marx once said something about history repeating itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.  Well, the continual cycle of SWP fuckups and cynical maneuverings is seriously bloody farcical.  It's unfortunate that organisations such as the SWP are virtually the first point of contact for anyone becoming rebellious in a vaguely class conscious direction.  It's also unfortunate that such rebellion only gets pissed up the wall by the likes of the SWP.

So with that in mind, it's high time we made anarcho-communism the default setting for working class rebellion.