Leicester Anarchist Communists belong to the Anarchist Communist Group, which is part of the worldwide struggle to abolish capitalism, exploitation and all oppression, to create a free and equal world, without leaders and bosses, and without wars or environmental destruction. In other words, anarchist communism. See our Aims & Principles for more info.

To achieve such a world requires a mass, revolutionary working class movement, conscious, battle-hardened and capable of taking on the bosses' system. 

Realistically, however, such a movement is a long way off, as the working class is currently divided, de-politicised and barely conscious of itself as a class - the class that potentially has the power to bring about the downfall of capital and the state.

In our own small way, we're doing our bit to try and remedy this by holding regular libertarian socialist discussion meetings in order to develop authentic revolutionary class struggle anarchist communist ideas in the locality.

It's worth remembering the saying that "theory without practice is sterile". So with this in mind, Leicester Anarchist Communists are involved in a range of struggles, both workplace and community based. We also work with other groups and organisations with similar aims.

To get in touch with us, contact leicesteraf@gmail.com