Sunday, 22 July 2012

Freedom Must Be Saved

Historic Anarchist Newspaper in Danger of Going Under

1st issue, Oct 1886

July 2012 issue
Freedom Press, the anarchist newspaper, publisher and bookshop has been running on a shoestring on and off for 125 years.  It was founded by comrades like Peter Kropotkin, but now, thanks to legal action from one David Hoffman, a journalist seemingly with an axe to grind, Freedom Press has been forced to stump up £4,000 to this parasitic journo, putting the paper on the brink of bankrupcy.

While four grand is a significant sum and certainly not to be sniffed at, in the scheme of things, it's not an impossible amount to raise in order to keep Freedom Press going.  So with this in mind, we are asking people to take out a subscription to the monthly paper, Freedom, preferably a supporting subscription (details below).  If you're already a subscriber, then please make a donation to the paper. 
Let's all pull together for our comrades at this iconic publication!