Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Expelled for Anarchism!

An Asinine Bigot
“Just now I can tell you that neither your political boss nor your employer, neither the capitalist nor the policeman will speak to you honestly about anarchism.  Most of them know nothing about it, and all of them hate it.”
Alexander Berkman, What is Anarchism?

In honouring vested traditions of reactionary maltreatment, the voice of 19 year old blogger Kinnan Zaloom has been effectively curtailed by an asinine bigot.  Kinnan, a now ex-student of Hampstead School in London, came under fire from headteacher Jacques Szemalikowski who felt, undoubtedly, threatened by the disparaging opinions propagated by Zaloom's blog: The Hampstead Trash.

Under the online pseudonym 'Sludge', Zaloom highlighted and criticised the apparent failures of the school, such as inadequate educational standards, inappropriate use of funds and the bankruptcy of care and respect in accounting for the points of view of other students.  Szemalikowski defended his course of action by citing the student's 'enchantment by anarchism' and his fear of Zaloom 'developing into an anarchist'.

Naturally, such disgraceful ideas only warrant the harshest of retributions; so, along with permanent exclusion from the school, Szemalikowski also reported the thought-crime to the local police and personally contacted Glasgow university, forewarning them of 'what sort of person they were dealing with', should they ever consider him as an applicant.  A charming fellow indeed!

The Hampstead Trash blog was subsequently blocked on school computers, but continues to be updated by an anonymous student.