Sunday, 17 December 2017

From Leicester AF to Leicester Anarchist Communists

As of 17th December 2017, we cease to be the Leicester group of the AF and are no longer associated with the Anarchist Federation. We will now be conducting activities provisionally as Leicester Anarchist Communists. We will continue to hold Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meetings in the new year.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Libertarian Socialist informal pre-Xmas drink 5/12/17
Apologies for the late publicising of this here last AF/Libertarian Socialist Discussion Group meeting of 2017. Also note the change of venue for this event.

So, this month, we're meeting informally for a drink and a bit of convivial libertarian socialist discussion. We'll be meeting from 7.15pm in the larger, left-hand side room at the Western pub (a fine real ale house) and the topic this month is deliberately left open. 

To find us in the pub, just look for copies of Organise! or Resistance on the table. The Western is in the West End of Leicester and is situated at 70 Western Rd, Leicester LE3 0GA.