Friday, 3 March 2017

Update - forthcoming libertarian socialist discussion meetings

Organised by Leicester group of 
the Anarchist Federation
Meetings take place
each month 
at the
Regent Sports & Social Club 
102 Regent Road
Leicester LE1 7DA

7.00pm on Wednesday 29th March
How could a libertarian communist society meet people’s needs and desires?
What are the objections to a communist/anarchist/socialist society and how can they be responded to? 

7.00pm on Tuesday 25th April 
What is council communism? Is it still relevant today?
And no, we're not talking about the red flag flying from the roof of your local town hall but about the left-communist current that Lenin referred to as an "infantile disorder" and which influenced organisations such as...
                                            ...the Anarchist Federation!

7.00pm on Wednesday 24th May years on from the Barcelona May Days and the counter revolution during the Spanish Civil War.
When the Stalinists turned their guns on the revolutionary workers.

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