Thursday, 12 January 2017

Forthcoming Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meetings

Monthly Libertarian Socialist Discussion Meetings

Organised by Leicester group of 
the Anarchist Federation
Meetings take place at 7pm 

on the last Wednesday of the month 
at the  

Regent Sports & Social Club 
102 Regent Road
Leicester LE1 7DA

25th January 2017 – Is the working class movement dead?
What is the role of pro-revolutionaries in the current social, political and economic climate?

22nd February – 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution
What can we learn from it? What has been its effect on the workers’ movement between 1917 and the present day?

29th March – How could a libertarian communist society meet people’s needs and desires?
What are the objections to a communist/anarchist/socialist society and how can they be responded to?

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