Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Anarcho-communist organising in Leicester

Over the weekend of the 1-2 February, delegates from around the country came to Leicester to attend the Federal Delegate Meeting (FDM) of the Anarchist Federation.

The AF functions nationally by holding FDMs four times a year with delegates directly mandated by their local groups which would have already pre-discussed items for the meeting.  Our delegates are immediately recallable should they fail to act as mandated by their groups.  In this way, the AF is able to function as a national organisation with maximum accountability.  This is the most direct form of democracy there is.

Compare this with the UK parliamentary system of representative democracy, in which elected representatives go into parliament or local councils and are literally given carte-blanche to do as they please for a number of years, with no recall.

So when the politicians and the media talk about democracy and freedom, take it with a pinch of salt.  We anarcho-communists know all about real democracy, and it has nothing to do with those puppets of the rich and powerful in the Houses of Parliament!

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