Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The knuckle-draggers are coming!

On Saturday 4th of February a gang of inbred, beer swilling, racist, half-arsed fascist fuckwits known as the EDL are intending to descend upon Leicester.  
The 'master race' after a hard day on the piss

Their aim is to:
  • threaten, harass, intimidate and attack anyone who looks 'a bit asian' for being 'muslamics' (as they so quaintly put it) and therefore unpatriotic
  • have a pop at any 'reds' they might encounter for being mates of the 'muslamics' and also for being unpatriotic
  • make loud grunting noises in public places and generally bark like a bunch of rabid mutts in protest at all things 'muslamic' and generally 'foreign'
  • piss on a few pavements and leave a trail of patriotic puke
  • break a few windows and maybe even try and smash up Big John's burger bar again for daring to sell possibly 'muslamic' nosh
  • frighten some little children just for a laugh
  • get kettled by the plod before being sent home on buses that may possibly be fitted with new air conditioning for the return journey.
Now much as we can all have a laugh at these ignorant specimens of nationalistic idiocy, it's still a serious business when they turn up, especially for those of us from an asian background, because their intention is to attack those sections of the wider working class community on the grounds of religion and race.  So it's up to all of us to oppose them, make it clear to them that they're not wanted and make sure the EDL or any other fascist gang think twice about coming back to Leicester in future. It's also useful to help some of them realise it's a very bad move hanging round with a bunch of no-marks like the EDL.

So far, local anti-fascists have come together around the slogan of 'Love Leicester Hate Racism' in anticipation of the EDL's arrival.  LLHR represents a wide range of groups with various methods of opposing fascism, so there's something we can all get involved in. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, the SWP's front organisation, Unite Against Fascism (UAF), are already wildly self-promoting and virtually claiming that the resistance to the EDL will be pretty much all their doing.  Of course, anyone who knows anything about UAF will know this to be complete and utter bollocks.  On the day, UAF will most likely go for their usual tactic of getting kettled by the plod and the nearest they'll actually get to confronting Fred Fash will be via a war of megaphones from behind several lines of coppers.  We suspect UAF will also be encouraging Highfields yoof to join them in their cosy kettle so they too can listen to stirring speeches, chant UAF slogans for several hours and read the latest issue of Socialist Worker from cover to cover while they pass the time.

We also expect the local council, police and certain 'community leaders' to be true to form and adivise people to stay in doors, don't go out, run for the hills, etc. This 'advice' should be treated with the contempt it deserves as it plays right into the hands of the fascists by handing over the streets to them without giving them any real opposition.  Then again, we expect no less from such agents of the boss class.

Defend the community
It goes without saying that defence of working class communities has to be our main priority on the day.  What's essential is not that we get to chant slogans all afternoon from behind a police cordon but that we join together with residents in defending those parts of the city that the EDL will have set their sites on attacking, for example, Highfields and St Matthews.

So, we encourage everyone to get out there and stand by all those of us living in threatened areas on 4th February, to defend our streets and keep the fascists out.  And if the EDL do try and break through into our communities, then they'll be met with fierce resistance.

A few tips for on the day...
  • Make sure you stick together with people you trust
  • Always back each other up
  • Stay sober
  • Keep mobile
  • Don't get kettled by the dibble
  • Don't get knicked

They shall not pass!

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