Thursday, 8 December 2011

November 30th report

Well done to the thousands of public sector workers in Leicestershire who struck on the 30th November and participated in the biggest demonstration seen in Leicester for many years.  The march and rally showed a broad cross-section of working class people and there was plenty of support and applause from members of the public not involved in the strike.  All in all, it was a brilliant day, with AFers either picketing their own workplaces or, if they weren't public sector workers, supporting picket lines of fellow workers.  Later, the anarchist red and black flag was carried on the march and we distributed around 1,000 AF flyers and also helped shift another 1,000 flyers plugging the December 1st rank and file workers meeting - more on this later.

One sour moment was when some knuckle-dragging idiot, who's probably swallowed too many Daily Mail or Sun editorials, thought he could 'heroically' spit at a woman marcher.  Fortunately, a have-a-go striking worker had 'a quiet word' with him.  We do hope the scab's bruises heal really slowly.

That aside, it was a great show of strength, but as we've already said, we'll need to do much more than one day strikes to be sure of anything like a victory.

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