Thursday, 17 November 2011

Occupy Leicester

If you're not already aware of it, the new street occupation in Leicester city centre is situated on the High Street, just a little way up from the Clock Tower.  On a couple of occasions, local AFers have dropped by to say hello, and on first impressions, the occupiers seem like a nice bunch and Leicester AF wishes them well.

Admittedly, the Anarchist Federation has it's criticisms of the Occupy Movement, for example, it does contain the occasional conspiracy theorist and space cadet. Also, we reckon the idea of us all being part of the 99% is far too inclusive when you realise that this 99% can embrace quite a few undesirables such as cops, fascists, etc.  Then again, any occupation is what the people involved make it, and anything opposing corporate greed and political corruption is a good start if it later gets people questioning the whole capitalist system.

More people are welcome to join the occupation, but if you're not not into the idea of camping out on Leicester's pavements, you can still drop by and express your support.  Besides, it's actually a good place for a little political chat with people who are fairly sussed and interested in changing the world, one way or another. 

At the minute, they're in need of tents, pallets, blankets, primus stoves, anything useful for people camping out in the autumn chill.  So if you've got any of this stuff spare, get it to them.

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